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So today I have an awesome guest stopping by for an interview for her book, WE ARE SAVAGES. It's very unfortunate that due to a lack of time, I couldn't accept a review copy of this book and tell you guys all about it. But that doesn't mean I won't find some other way to promote her book, right? Cause Kaede always gets her way. And you'd do well to remember that.

So bring on the author interview!

So we do we have today? Visiting today is Jessie Atkin, here to talk about her debut novel.

Image of Jessie Atkin
K: WE ARE SAVAGES can be described as what following genre(s)?

JA: YA adventure fantasy

K: While writing WE ARE SAVAGES, did you have a specific goal or audience target in mind?

JA: My overall goal was anyone who enjoyed Peter Pan or Harry Potter, because those were some of my favorite books growing up.

K: With so many books out there, what about your book makes you feel will stand out?              

JA: I think We Are Savages will stand out because of its honesty. There are a lot of books out there about kids ending up in other worlds, but I think the emotion behind not only Tris, the protagonist, but her four main companions as well, really touches on how growing up feels to kids in different situations. I also think Mars, Tris's dog, who plays a prominent roll in the story, is a pretty unique character within the story.

K: Will there be any, you know, romantic tension that should be expected? Or any hint of romance at all? 

JA: Yes, there's a small hint. But it's not really the focus of the book in any way. The story focuses on family and friend relationships more so than romantic ones.

K: Was there an inspirational source(s) behind the idea and premise of WE ARE SAVAGES?

JA: The story starts with a girl and her dog, and that's where the original idea for the story sprang from. I was in college when I started writing Savages and I really missed my dog. But when I was cast in a school production of Peter Pan, that's when the story really evolved. I kept thinking, if the Darling kids ran away today, would it still be the Neverland? Is that still the world kids would dream of to escape the problems in their home lives?

K: Out of curiosity, do you have any books or shows that you are currently reading or watching? If not, what do you plan to read or watch?

JA: I just finished reading JK Rowling's new book, the Casual Vacancy, and plan to read Summerland by Michael Chabon next. As for TV shows, I really watch more than I should, but some of my favorites include Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, and New Girl.


We Are Savages
Thanks so much for stopping by, Jessie! We Are Savages sounds fantastic, and I'm so bummed out that I wasn't able to accept your review request. Maybe we could arrange something so that I could still end up able to read this? Hmm, hmm? Maybe? *hopeful* My curiosity is indeed getting the better of me and I'm wondering who the love interest is. SOMEONE TELL ME HIS NAME. I'm rolling around on my bed here, really wanting to know. My poor bed says he hates me. YES IT'S A HE. Don't ask me why though.... 

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Kaede is currently reading: Through the Ever Night, 52 Reasons to Hate My Father & Goddess Inheritance. 
So as you can see, I got my hands quite full at the time. Booo. :/ But I'm SUPER excited for these books. 

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