Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#VMAFIA: Video Author Q&A with Victoria Scott

Hi, hi! x)

So Kaede is officially back into blogging more often. For a little while, I've been feeling ridiculously stressed out with reading and reviewing books to the point where I felt that doing all of this was pointless. But of course, my lovely darling friends convinced me that I was totally out of my mind and that a short break was all I needed to refresh myself. So I guess, if there really must be an excuse for that lack of reviews, then that is it. I'll do a official update post soon, along with a much overdue (no, like seriously overdue) Stacking the Shelves post. Just a fair warning though, while the Stacking the Shelves post will have fantastic goodies such as 2013 ARCs, new releases, cool signed swag, and more, it is also excessively long.

But that's not why I'm here, is it? That's right, it isn't. What I'm here for today is to catch up on things that I've slacked off on. And that includes sharing an awesome Q&A video with you guys, from a darling author. This post was originally suppose to have gone up a short while back, and I'm sure most of you guys have seen it already, but in case you haven't....

The V Mafia
Pfft. I'm a very proud member. 

I've always had a peculiar interest in mafias, and as long as it didn't involve me dying and getting shot at, I would've and still would love to be a mafia member. So of I course I had to jump in at the chance to be a member of a book mafia. Like how epic is that? And guys, Dante is like OHMYGODCANIHAVEYOURAUTOGRAPHWITHYOUSHIRTLESS hot. Just saying. *cough* And Victoria Scott is such a sweet person to talk to. 

Oh yes, the Q&A video. Almost forgot the purpose of this post. Never fails. I suck at this. *grumbles*

Well, that's that! Watch, enjoy, and then watch and enjoy again!

Kaede [Kimberly]
Bound by blood. We are family. - #VMAFIA.

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