Monday, January 14, 2013

Calling All The Bloggers: Yes, You!

Hi, hi darlings. x) 

We meet again. 

While I'm in the works of trying to coherently form reviews for books I've read before and during my short hiatus, I thought I share some awesome news with you guys. Cause you know, all of you all awesome. 

Entangled Publishing, one of my favorite publishing houses as I've never disliked a book I've read of theirs, is looking for book bloggers to connect with. And that could mean you. Yes, you. Want to know if you could fit the requirements? Let's see! 

• Do you have a blog?

• Do you love to review books?

• Do you want access to books before they release?

Did you answer yes to all those questions? Yes, you did? Perfect. The next stop on the road to success is only a click away now! If you love to read, review, and talk about books, books, and more books; check out the lovely Kate and her call for bloggers HERE! Highly recommended, because as I've mentioned, I love Entangled. 

I'm not biased at all, pfft. Whatever do you mean? LALALALALALA. 





  1. Two good friends have books with Entangled and I've been so impressed with the company. :)

    This announcement makes me wish I were a more formidable book reviewer/blogger. I love the blogging community!

    1. That's awesome! Maybe one day I'll be able to publish a book with Entangled. Most likely not, but hey, a girl can hope. x)

      I'm sure you're an excellent blogger, so I don't know what you're talking about. Pshh.