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|ANIME REVIEW| Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Episode 13

Hellooooooooo people of this universe!

So there's been a little secret that I've been withholding from all of you, much against my will. Not really, I actually mention it in my Goodreads profile, but alright. But this particular secret is groundbreaking and earth shattering and it is....

Drum role please!...

My heart does not only belong to books. 

Yes, yes. Let it out. It's okay, I'll take it all.

But hear me out, you see. Technically, it's not like I'm 100% cheating on my beloved books. More like...85%? You read books right? And you can read manga, which is one of the few things that vie for my love. So you see the connection, yes? Connection is good. If you connect, you are not completely different. 

Now in this case, I'm here to talk about anime. And yes, yes anime does not come in book form so however am I going to say that it's similar to books without completely lying to your face? BUT, since I watch anime subbed because my Japanese is not that amazing to watch it raw, there are English subtitles and I read the English subtitles and so ha. Reading = books. All of that is just proven fact.  I totally made everything up on the spot. 

So now I've revealed three of the, let's say, seven things that I absolutely adore. 

Others include things of less importance such as eating and sleeping because books, manga, and anime destroy my emotions on a daily basis. It leaves me exhausted so obviously I have to have a way to gain my energy back to prepare for my next heartbreak and fangirl moment. 

Now if I must, I'll get on to the topic for today. 

Kuroko no Basket Season Two. 

So what should I do? Trip over my feet as I try to tell you how amazing Aomine it is? Because it's so good. *flails* 

I'm no professional reviewer by any means, and this is my first time doing anything of the sort. But Kuroko no Basket is a series that I watch weekly, instead of letting it run all it's episode before I marathon watch it. I hate, hate cliffhangers that play with my emotions or I dislike not being able to see what happens next. Especially with a series that I love. So I just lessen the pain by letting all the episode become available so even if something traumatic happens, I can let myself sob for a few minutes, and immediately go see what happens next to try to calm myself. A Kaede who has to suffer a week to see if misfortune befalls her favorite character is not a pretty Kaede. So why don't I do that with Kuroko no Basket? 

The answer is because it's that good. After I finished season one a couple of months before season two was released, I re-watched the anime three times and caught up with the manga. Believe me when I say there are so many good parts in the manga that I loved that comes after the contents of season one. So how could you expect me not to watch episode one of season two when it first came out? *blinks innocently* I had to, okay. I had to. 

The Actual Review (Because Kaede does nothing but talk on and on):  

Now we are thirteen episodes in and I am so completely in love, it's not funny. It was so painful this past week with no episode of Kuroko no Basket and no chapter of One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. I had to console myself with the new chapter of Birth of Levi: A Choice With No Regrets (which was amazing because Levi is amazing. But I really do love the art too.) or I don't think I could have made it.  

I thought the animation for season one was really pretty and good. It wasn't Hunter x Hunter 2011 and Attack on Titan animation quality, but it was definitely good and better than quite a few series. However, I think the animation studio behind season two took the quality of season one and made a huge jump and improved it and made it even better. The colors in every episode has been vibrant and beautiful and I loves it all. 

Episode 13 is a bit of transition episode, concluding with the beginning on the first Winter Cup match for Seirin. 

I think episode 13 established a few main things. 

1) Our first close look at Akashi, former captain of the Generation of Miracles. 
2) The start of Seirin vs. Tōō Academy

In the beginning of the episode we see a bit of a few of the Generation of Miracles' current team practicing and I got really happy because I adore them all. And Kise looked really damn cool. 

Admireee it. You know you want to.

Also, that's a scary combo to watch out for, Seirin.

We also a glimpse of Atsushi and Himuro and Atsushi is so unbelievably ridiculously tall. When he smacked the ball out of Himuro's hand, I was all like OOOOOOH and then I realized he barely even stood on tip-toes to reach it and went, "Damn..." *grumbles* Tall people these days. They make me so envious.

Aomine's solo scene when he shot the basketball into the hoop with no effort was just a fangirl scene made for me. 

But we also see Akashi for a brief time. And he spoke. And my mouth dropped opened. It took me a moment to process it, but there was something so familiar about Akashi's voice that I looked up his voice actor and got Hiroshi Kamiya. Who voice acts Levi. And Trafalgar Law. *is in pile of mush because I adored the voice acting for Levi* But Akashi's voice sounds slightly different from Levi's and Law's, so I'm curious to hear him speak more. 

Then came the summons. *inserts dark music* *runs away scared* 

I found it interesting when Kuroko and then Aomine called the reunion of the Generation of Miracles a summon from Akashi, rather than, oh I don't know, something like I'm going to meet up with my former teammate. A summon makes it sound mandatory, but looking at Akashi's character, it probably was. 

You must obey Akashi. Akashi is the emperor. 


The epic gathering of the Generation of Miracles.
The Generation of Miracles without their captain was already pretty amazing. But when Akashi appeared, it just got a thousand times better and froze Furihata-kun in his tracks. When Akashi tells Furihata to leave, and Kagami appears, I knew what was coming with the scissors. I knew. But it still surprised me and I almost fell back on my seat. Which is saying something, in my mind. 

AND WHY WOULD SOMEONE CUT THEIR HAIR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET WITH MIDORIMA'S LUCKY ITEM. NO. *protects hair* Akashi should consider becoming a hair stylist if he ever stops playing basketball though. He did do a really good job. 

We start nearing the end as the Winter Cup finally begins. We get a small flashback scene of Kuroko and Aomine in middle school and we see Aomine smile and that was like Cloud 9. >_>

The match begins with Seirin going all out trying to take control but unfortunately, it doesn't work out because Aomine doesn't lose. 

I'm pretty sure Seirin was shocked that Tōō would do an alley-oop since it was supposed to be a team that focuses on individual skill where every player takes the ball for himself and scores by himself. And I have toooo. Do not blame me for this. 

He looked so good ♥-♥

When Aomine slammed the ball in, I cheered until I realize that I was supposed to be rooting for Seirin. Opps. 



I actually laughed quite a bit in this episode as well. Mabo. Pfft. 

But all in all, that's a wrap! Did anybody actually make it this far? Did anybody read this who had no idea what Kuroko no Basket is? If so, you should check it out and I apologize for the confusion you probably went through. 


I'll try to make the next anime/manga post shorter. But until then, go watch Kuroko no Basket! After watching an episode, Kuroko no Basket always makes me want to play basketball. Which is probably not a very good idea. 

I swear I had a clever way to end this but I completely lost what it was. If I remember then I'll edit this part and add it in and pretend this ending never existed but if I can't remember then....



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