Thursday, February 6, 2014

|DISCUSSION| The Pleasures of Spreading a Good Book

Once upon a time, in this humble little city of mine known as NYC, I found out that classmates of mine enjoy reading young adult novels. 

This little fact, so unimportant to people like my parents, was extremely exciting for me. I do know  many people who like reading the same things I do, and I've convinced quite a few people to start simple with one amazing YA book and they just continued reading from there. There is few things I like more in this world then talking about books I love, and spreading that love. 

Recently, my classmates have started asking me for book recommendations. Because of that, I realized just how serious I get when I try to think of books you'll like that I can push on you. Something that gets me excited is seeing one person in my class say they love a book, and other people go and buy it to read too. Most of the time, I've already read the book so I can just watch happily as people tell me about all their feels. 

Sometimes though, they will make the mistake of telling me about the characters they love and evil evil me will say, even if it isn't true:

And they freak out and I laugh. Most of the time they don't believe me, since you learn from experience, but really, I'm not that mean to lie to you all the time, you know. 

*cough* ALLEGIANT *cough* 

I heard there were a lot tears from the classmates who read it. 

Oh I'm a terrible friend, I know. But my classmates really are the only ones I do this with. So please don't run away and decide never to talk to me again about books.

Pleaseeee? I have cupcakes. 



Fine I guess I'll have to eat the cupcakes and cookies by myself. Harrumph.

See I'm one of the strange readers who don't mind spoilers. In fact, I quite enjoy reading them, and torturing myself if I don't have the book yet because of the annoying weather.

*cough* IGNITE ME *cough* I neeeeds you. 

But I'm also what you would expect from somebody who loves to read. I get excited when people start loving to read as well. 

Recently a lot of my classmates have started reading or finished what is currently out of The Mortal Instruments series, , the SHATTER ME series, the Divergent series, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS THE SELECTION, DELIRIUM, and HALF-BLOOD. And it's a lot of fun seeing their reaction to books I personally love, and maybe waiting eagerly to see their reaction to a certain scene.

Having people who love the same books or mangas as you is important because when you read that one certain thing and your heart can't handle all the emotions, you need to find a way to let some of it out. That was one of the main reasons I looked into starting blogging. 

So what about you? Do you have people in your life who share your passion for reading? Or does your life lack readers who understand what you are going through when you have a book-hangover, and that's why you turn to social media and blogging to talk about the books you dearly loved or hated? Also, have you ever recommended a book to someone who ended up really enjoying it and you got this sense of pleasure...perhaps satisfaction from that? 

I know that I feel happy if I can help a book I loved find someone else who will love it too, but never ever as much as me. 

And after all: 


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