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I have to say that a part of me regrets starting No Game No Life so soon. As of when I'm writing this, four episodes are currently out and I think that after I finish writing this first episode I'll just go sulk in bed glaring at everyone until episode five is magically released because I neeeed it. The first time I heard about it, my interest was sparked because I heard it was like Sword Art Online in the way that the main characters are sucked into a video game. The only other blatant similarities between the two anime series are that they both originate as light novels rather than a manga series. But guys guys there is a manga adaption of No Game No Life, just like there is for Sword Art Online, and it is being published in America by Seven Seas in October 2014 and can you guys guess what I'll definitely be buying? I really hope somebody will license the light novels too, just as the wonderful Yen Press did for Sword Art Online. Both series also have great characters, with the main characters being especially kick-ass. 

For the most part, I think the similarities between Sword Art Online and No Game No Life end there, at least from what I've seen of the first four episodes. The animation of No Game No Life is bright and vibrant and sometimes slightly wacky. (in a good way - I promise!) The animation style reminded me of Danganronpa, which also had bright art and that good wacky animation that would show up in certain scenes for more impact. Compared to Danganronpa though (it seems I'm doing a lot of comparing today o_o) I think I definitely prefer No Game No Life simply because the genre is more of what I enjoy. Danganronpa, despite how much I don't like to admit, gave me some slight creepy feelings because it takes so ridiculously little to scare me and therefore is why I cannot watch horror movies or T.V. shows and can't read most horror books or manga or watch most horror anime. I stopped watching halfway through Danganronpa and I definitely need to continue it though because it isn't terribly focused on being scary and the mystery aspect is fascinating and interesting to try to unravel, although all my favorite characters drop like flies. 

You guys now have proof on how much I ramble off topic all the time. 

But anyways, after Sora and Shiro are summoned to a fantasy world, it seems like there might be an effort in making it unlike Sword Art Online. Instead of being desperate to escape, Sora and Shiro have seen enough of how cruel the world they come from can be and they decide that the world they've found themselves in is much more worth living in. The person who summoned Sora and Shiro is revealed to be a young child who refers to himself as the God of the fantasy world. His design is really actually kind of cute, but you can definitely tell there is more of a darker side to him. Based on when we first saw him with his arms outstretched without his face, I thought he would be an evil looking character, but I actually prefer his design. 

Shiro and Sora are siblings and make up probably one the best dual teams. They both have incredible strengths, but they work so well because they rely on each other. Shiro is adorable and blunt and both her and her brother have mostly silly, sort of carefree attitudes, but when they get serious you'll be taking more than two steps back. 

The world of No Game No Life is made up of 16 different races, most of which are able to work magic. At the very bottom of the rank are the Imanity, also known as the human race, whom are incapable of sensing magic, much less using it. The world is also ruled by the Ten Commandments, which forbids acts of murder and war, and instead has all disputes resolved through games where two parties bet something of decided equal war and the wager made must be upheld at all costs. Although Imanity ranks as the weakest race, with the addition of Sora and Shiro, there might just be hope.

An undefeated dual team. Before you is the all powerful Blank. >:D
I'm really looking forward too all the adventures we'll go on, but I have a hard time seeing how we'll end it off in 12 episodes. I kind of wish there'd be at least 24, but if the 12 episodes end off satisfying, I'll be more than happy. No Game No Life had a great start, showing that if you underestimate humanity, you'll find yourself in a troublesome situation.I love sibling relationships, but I think it's nice that Sora also has a kinda love interest as well, all while still being as close to his sister as he was before. (Though I don't think he can be separated from her, even if he wanted to. :P)

There's also a character called Clammy in this series, and does she remind anyone else of Ririchiyo's design from Inu x Boku Secret Service? It's okay if it's just me though. It's usually just me.

All in all, I'm excited to follow this series to the end and see where it goes. I hope that it manages to at least reach the same level of love I hold for the Sword Art Online anime, but I definitely see the potential within this series to exceed it. Though the less amount of episodes may count as a disadvantage, I'm certain that No Game no Life will at least end as one of my favorite animes of 2014. 

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