Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wattpad Books that are Better than Published Ones

Forgive the long title, but after reading it, you're probably thinking that I'm off my rocker. This is not the case, no! I am in fact, 100% sure that the following Wattpad books are worth reading.

If you don't know what Wattpad is, it's an online site where people can post their stories, and gain support along the way. In the digital age nowadays, self-publishing is becoming easier and easier, and when you do so, you prove to real publishers that you already have a market. That's where Wattpad comes in.

Wattpad is useful because you basically gain harems when it comes to your fans. These fans can give testimonials to agents, publishers, etc.

ANYWAY, I'm just mentioning this because I ENJOY READING STORIES ON WATTPAD. For those who understand the notoriety of the stories on Wattpad, you're probably virtually kicking me in the liver right now.

Here are a few stories that I read, and freaking loved, that I think you need to read too.

This is number one because it's great. I have no other adjectives for it. There's surprisingly no bad grammar or spelling (yay.) Though there are obviously some areas for improvement, (like it can be confusing at first, and she doesn't really re-mention important things) I actually really want this book on my shelf, if it ever gets published.

Not with that cover, obviously (because you can easily tell it was made in GIMP with the Supernova effect) but still. READ IT.

This. Book. Is. Adorable! At times it reminds me Anna and the French Kiss which I am currently reading. For being a romance, the romance is really on the backburner, and it's really cute. It's somewhat episodic, being a Wattpad book that is released in chapters, but I think that's nice.

P.S. It's not finished yet, so you'll have to keep checking back on this one!

Okay, I realize that the author's username is somewhat sketchy and denotes what may be a fanfiction account, but she really is a good writer.

It's a really cute romance, and it's not even erotica, for being so popular on Wattpad! (yay.) In fact, I think there's only like, one kiss. But that's beside the point. This book was really fun to read on the airplane, and a really nice break from all the authors who try to hard to write. (Are you trying to write The Epic of Gilgamesh or are you trying to write for fourteen year olds, your main audience?)

This book is pretty long, so I just skimmed it, but it really is a good book. It's about music, love, and paranormalness. And, of course, an amazingly headstrong girl. Nothing much more to say.

I skipped a few chapters in this book, but I who doesn't do that?

Sigh... what can I say about this book? You have to be.... open-minded. That's a disclaimer right there.

Sure, there are a lot of mistakes. And I mean a lot not as in, "I have a lot of fingers!" No. I mean a lot as in "A lot of people in America are fat." That being said, read this book for its content, because you might like what you find. Besides the conventions, the writing is very smart, as is the dialogue. (Of course the big reveal isn't all that showy, but GOD. Is the romantic suspense amazing!)

This book is also really long, so I recommend just skimming it.


Here's your funny video for the week. OBAMA SINGS CALL ME MAYBE


  1. I've never heard of Wattpad -- thanks for the heads-up!

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    I LOVED that whole Van Houten storyline. I mean, it's exactly what you don't expect to happen, right? Maybe he is a metaphor for the unfairness of life...

    I reviewed the book -- it's linked in my review archive if you're interested.

    1. No, thank you. I will definitely check out your review. :)


  2. Thanks for sharing! Definitely checking these out.

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  6. I really love wattpad and really one of the biggest fan of Hope Adon too. Her within these walls is also amazing read. Also loved Quirky tales of April Hale..its really funny and when I say funny it means literally rolling with laughter funny. A must read. :)