Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Humble 3 Months as a Book Blogger

The past three months have been a whirlwind in terms of book blogging. I’ve learned a lot of new things about the blogosphere- mostly the hard way, I should add, and I’ve decided to share my humbling experiences with you. I’ve separated it into different topics I want to address, so skip to whatever pleases you.

Getting Discouraged


This was me after only just one month.
It’s freaking depressing to realize that there are literally (in the correct use of literality) tens of thousands of book bloggers out there, with my genre, YA books, being at the top. I admit that it’s rather discouraging when I see that I’m not getting any traffic. I sort of hang my head low and remember “Why? Why would someone come to my blog when they can go to a less sketchy blog? A blog they probably weren’t redirected to from a spoon fetish site?”

Then I thought about it this way: isn’t writing a book the same kind of thing? Yeah, there are probably millions of books out there, but authors always have at least one fan, whether it is themselves or their moms. And authors can share fame with other authors. Who says that an author published 3 months ago can’t share their fame with JK Rowling?

Asking for Things


True story: I was very rude to a successful (dare I say famous?) blogger. I basically snubbed her while asking for a favor.

It wasn’t intentional, but I wasn’t expecting much to come out of this encounter. See, I was just starting out blogging, and I was really eager, sort of like a girl who’s just got her first boyfriend. When this famous blogger accepted my request for a guest post, I probably rolled around in my bed screaming for ten minutes.

Then, she didn’t respond for, I think four days. That’s a perfectly reasonable amount of time not to respond to something, but I thought they were ignoring me. So I sent an email that was along the lines of, “I know I suck and I don’t have many followers and stuff and I understand if you’re ignoring me.”



I was a happy Cephalopod.
I didn’t say THAT precisely, because I had a more careful way of skirting it, but nobody’s really an idiot these days, so people read into it that way. I really didn’t mean to offend her, but that’s a side effect of getting discouraged. You feel like you have nothing to lose, when in fact, you have a lot to lose.

Anyway, everything was sorted out, and we were happy clams. (Or campers. Can’t remember what the saying is.) I got a lot of traffic to my blog, and I gained some new online friends.

Moral of the story: Ask and you shall receive.

Blog Tours


In an extension to that anecdote, I must say that I’ve had pretty good luck with asking for things. I am scheduled for a blog tour with the famous blogs. Mundie Moms, Story Siren, Bookish Brunette! *SQUEEL!* You don’t know how happy I am to be a part of it! And I only have 73 followers as of this post. Can you believe it? Neither can I.

It should be taken into account that as long as you are willing to review the book and post everything on time, there shouldn’t be a reason for a blog tour company to reject you, at least with my understanding. Besides, what do you have to lose? A little scrap of your dignity? Well, yeah, but with blogging, you have to aim high or don’t go at all. It’s hard to be a small fish in a big pond, so make yourself known right away.

NetGalley and Edelweiss


A lot of people are addicted to NetGalley.
*Shudder* I have not even ventured near this territory, so I can’t tell you what they’re like. I reckon I could actually request books right now, because I’ve seen blogs with 50 followers get eARCs from there. I will try to request things in the near future, but for now, I’m sticking to my library and out of pocket purchases.



Dear God, this is such an extensive part I can’t even tell you. For now, I’ll just say it’s been a pleasure. In general, networking as a blogger on twitter is pretty easy. Other bloggers are more than happy to talk to you, although some authors have turned the cold shoulder to me. (And I don’t really care, either.)

Goodreads seems to be the book network of choice, however. I’d recommend it for a newer blogger.

Print ARCs 


You know my position on this. I posted this post the other day. And another blogger friend of mine posted this.

That doesn’t freaking mean I’m immune to free things. The other day, someone on Goodreads was giving away ARCs, and I couldn’t resist. I requested something from her. 

I thought, “Damn. I AM a greedy bitch. It looks like I can’t really justify my ARC post anymore.”
But that’s not true. I thought about it more (probably to justify my actions) and I realized that I had a 100% probability of getting these books so I went for them. And shit, I’m going to give them away in a giveaway probably, so it doesn’t matter.

What my point is, I’m not going to try to request Print ARCs or any of that crap until I have an established following. Like maybe 1000 followers. Because until then, I’m taking books out of the hands of people who really will help the book.


You should try it. It's made life a whole lot easier.


  1. Interesting post! I can agree with a lot of things here. I just had my one year blogoversary and I still don't have a whole lot of followers, but I also want a good quality of followers over quantity. I'd much rather have fewer followers that would actually read my blog than more that could care less. I was also discouraged at first, but I am doing something I love to do, so it is all good. I try to post as often as I can, but with a fulltime job and family time, etc, it can be difficult to post as often as I would like to. As for co-blogging, I don't think I could have a co-blogger, at least not yet, because I like everything my way, lol. I love goodreads and I ahve recently signed up on Netgalley. I requested 3 books and got one, even with less than 50 email followers. And I love ARCs, and I didn't start blogging for them either, but I love being able to read a book before it actually comes out. It might be silly to say, but it makes me feel special that I get to, lol. The first time I got one I thought it was AWESOME to have a book before it was released, but that's me. There are still things I am not on the up and up for, but I'll figure it out :) All I know is, I love to be one of thousands of YA book bloggers! Thanks for visiting my blog, new follower :)

    1. Happy one year blogoversary! *passes cake*

      I totally agree with the quality vs. quantity thing, although publishing houses don't see it that way. *rolls eyes* After all, some bloggers only have 1000s of followers because of giveaways, not real followers.

      That's good to know about NetGalley! Now I might go and request something because I might be approved. :D

      Happy reading!

  2. I've been blogging for three months too. At first I was incredibly shy.. and i still sort of am. I try not to get discouraged by other blogs, but its kinda hard not to. I see them getting all these awesome ARCs and have 1000s of followers and I'm all like 'dang', but I don't give up. It makes me want to try harder. I even thought most of these bloggers were mean and wouldn't even take a second look at a blog like mine, but then I got in contact with some and I discovered that not all bloggers are mean. they're actually really nice. I'm glad I started blogging. I met so many new people and even more publishers. I guess the beginning is always rocky at first, but it'll smooth out sooner or later. Just think of it this way 'how did all those beautiful, awesome blogs with thousands of followers first start out?' Those thousands of followers didn't just magically appear. It probably took a LOT of work. I'm willing to do the same work. :)
    Thanks for following my blog! I'm following yours back.

    1. Wow, I'm really curious as to how you got so many followers in 3 months!

      Yup, bloggers aren't mean, although sometimes I do feel as if they turn the cold shoulder to me. But I know they're just busy or they don't have a response or whatever.

      Thanks for following!

  3. I'm fairly new too -- blogging about 10 months. Blogging does feel like high school sometimes! I try to just seek out friendly bloggers who seem to be in it for the love of books and ignore the other stuff.

    On the topic of ARCs, I guess you have to do what's right for you. I did join NetGalley a few months back, but I try to be very selective about what I request. I have yet to request an ARC from a publisher. In the fall, I may ask for a few things I'm dying to read. Or not. I like to read what I want!

    1. For blogging not even a year, you're pretty successful! *Sigh* I wish someone would just give me a guide on how to be a successful blogger and it would be that easy.

      Also, it's good to know that you don't have to blog long to request from NetGalley. I may have to try requesting something soon!

  4. Really great post!
    During the first month I felt really lost and I was going to give up. I almost did. But it all worked out. I love blogging now. I have met some amazing people and everybody is really nice and helpful.

    I haven't requested any book for ARC. I don't think I can, I am too scared of getting refused.

    1. Refusal is pretty scary. :/

      I've met some wonderful bloggers as well, but there are times when I try to tweet someone and they never tweet back, and my stomach just twists because I think that they think they're above me. But it's good to know that most are nice!

  5. I'm not gonna lie, the Netgalley denials hurt at first, but when you get your first approval, it's very exciting. I love that site because I get to try out pre-release books without cluttering up my already full bookshelf, and I can decide which ones are worth owning and re-reading. I've been blogging for a little over a year now, but I still get turned down by the larger publishers at times. It just makes me work that much harder on my reviews and content for the blog. :) Still, there are some publishers who don't require a huge following or have strict policies, so you should definitely check it out and request a few titles, just to get your feet wet. But be is VERY addicting. I have to put myself on a self-imposed Netgalley-hiatus from time to time. :P

    I love this blogging thing...I got into it to have an outlet for everything I wanted to say about the books I read and not bore my non-bookish peeps, but I ended up making some really great friends, too.

    You made some really good in your post, but I don't think you should get discouraged yet. You have a really great thing here and an honest, friendly voice to boot. Just keep doing what you're doing and everything else will fall into place. :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Sigh. Hopefully our blog will become more popular soon!

  6. Hi first of all I love your blog thanks for the tips as well! I was wondering, if an author sent you a media page of her book, what does that mean? Does the blogger have to post it on her/his blog or what?

    1. No. A media page is also called a press kit. If you're reviewing the book by the author in question, you'll need the media page to find the information on the author. That can include a picture of them, a summary, the book cover, etc.