Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (8)

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted at Tynga's Reviews. It's pretty damn awesome.'s life everyone? Today I'll let you on in a little secret of Kaede's.
It goes like this:
Kaede likes... ****.
Take your best shot at guessing!
And please, let's be civilized children here. The answer is not boobs. Nor is it books.
So from Sarah this week, we have:

Confessions of a Murder SuspectThe Diviners (The Diviners, #1)
Is that another ghost writer, I see? Well, whatever. I still want this book. Lucky Sarah!
And from The-Girl-Who-Keeps-Buying Books-Instead-of-Reading-the-Ones-She-Owns, aka Kaede:

(Actually, there was 2 copies of Unspoken, as the marketplace seller I bought from sent two by mistake. I'm thinking a future giveaway, perhaps? ^-^)
 Kaede hates the library. People never keep the books in good condition. It makes me mad.
I wouldn't have gone to the library if this book had arrived. But since I need it for school on Monday, I had no choice. I guess marketplace sellers aren't always the most reliable source. Hopefully, the book at least comes.
Since I was the library, I was all like, "What the hey! I'll get books I've always wanted that I couldn't bring myself to pay 20 bucks to buy."
From A.G. Howard, author of 2013 Alice in Wonderland re-telling debut, Splintered:
• Signed Bookplate
• Signed & Personalized Alice in Wonderland Card Tag
• Signed Bookmarks
 A.G. Howard is perhaps one of the nicest authors I've ever had the chance of talking to. Once it hits the shelves in January 2013, we all know who's going to be snagging up a finished copy.

Some K.C. Hilton bookmarks looking fab. Lawl. <3
And that's it for this week! Have you read any of the books we got this week? And what did you get in your mailbox? 



  1. Ahh! I got Alice in Zombieland as well! XD

    1. *high five!* Awesome minds think alike...are buy things that are alike. <3

  2. Wow you got so many amazing books! Confessions, Diviners and Alice in Zombieland are all near the top of my wishlist, congrats! Happy reading. If you would like to check out my Stacking The Shelves post you can do so here. :)

    1. Thanks! You got a bunch of awesome books this week too! <3

  3. I'm really interested in reading James Patterson's new book, even though I didn't like his books before. Eeeep! The Raven Boys! I still need to read that one. Great haul this week! Happy reading. :)

    1. I agree with that James Patterson thing. Hope you get The Raven Boys soon! Then we can maybe arrange a read-along. :DDD

    2. I haven't read anything of his before but this one caught my eye and really piqued my interest so I hope it's good! Fingers crossed :P

  4. Just read The Raven Boys earlier in the week and loved it! Alice in Zombieland is pretty awesome as well. And ooh, The Diviners! I really want to get my hands on that one. :) Happy reading!

    1. I have so many books I should be reading first but I just want to start the diviners right away, I've heard so many good things about it.

  5. O.M.G. I really want to read Splintered! You're sooo lucky you received a swag and an ARC of it! Happy reading :D

    Leigh | Little Book Star

    1. Thanks!<3 I can't wait to dive into Splintered too.

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