Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Scares: Scary Stories Spectacular! IT'S A FRIGHTFEST! Invites YOU to Participate.

So darlings!
I do so enjoy our little talks. Or, if we're being realistic here, me writing on a keyboard hoping someone actually reads what I have to say.
But that's not what I have in store for you guys today.
So what does Kaede have in store, you may ask.
Well I'm glad you did, my friend! Because, today is when Wake Up at Seven's first annual Spooky Scares: Scary Stories Spectacular! IT'S A FRIGHTFEST! goes live. And I'm inviting YOU to participate in it.
Now good senses tell me I should've probably mentioned this somewhere or sometime before the very day the post is suppose to go public. But you know, with the problems going on with the lack of ability to edit all different aspects of the blog (Review archive, banners, etc.) and the very fact that Hurricane Sandy knocked out all power for two days - I didn't want to. I couldn't.
Yep. Plain and simple.
I was far too busy being a lazy bum, 'kay. *shrugs*
Hey, it's not often I get a 5 day vacation from school. I wanted to enjoy it. -_- *grumbles*
But I'm telling you guys now, and that's what matters, right?
So for all the awesome people who are able to come across this post or any of the random updates that are scattered over the next two to three hours and would care enough to respond for participation, please do! I would love to have you on board for the first launch of this hopefully annual Halloween event. It doesn't matter where you respond - whether via my Goodreads updates, Twitter tweets, or this post - as long as you respond with the intentions of contributing, you're in! Just remember to check back soon to see me response, or leave an email where I can reach you. ;D
There are actually quite a few things you, my lovelies, can participate in:
Blogger interview (Halloween themed, of course)
•Spotlight review (Book must have some sort of Halloween or scary aspect)
•List of Top Five favorite Halloween or scary books or movies.
•FRIGHTFEST Game ON! (If you chose this one, I'll get into furthur detail then because it's quite a handful to explain)
•Or any other Halloween themed thing you can think of. :p

I'm getting pretty excited, how about you? *giddy smile*

And for a sneak peek at what's to come, would you like a look at the banner I designed myself for this event? 'Cause I'm pretty proud of it since I suck at all things that don't involve reading and typing up reviews. Since apparently, that little routine has become my life now. *sighs*

So the banner, huh? Here ya go:

Likey? Then remember to give me a smiley. :)

Oh yeah, I'm that lame.

And if you are particularly shy, you can always contact me @

Thanks again my darlings,
Kaede. ~♥~



  1. Could I join in?

    This looks like a lot of fun!

    Can I join in for a spotlight review and Game on? I'll check back soon for response ! :)

    1. Sure!

      So what I need you to do is send me an email @ Once I'm able to confirm the email belongs to you, I'll send over the interview questions and explanation on how you play Game On!

      Thanks for participating! It's much appreciated love.

    2. I got yur email. I am working on a response now ! Again thank you so much!!!

    3. That's great and assuring to hear! I received your response email too! Thank you for your time and answers, I'll be sure to put them to good use. :D