Friday, October 26, 2012

The Great (Lunar Chronicles) Pumpkin Contest

So yeah...


So this post is going to be a bit random and out of place, and depending on your tolerance level, it may or may not be the worst thing you ever seen.

But I'm giving this a shot anyways. Sucks for you, I guess.

So the fabulous author of Cinder is hosting a contest. And all you need to do is create a Cinder inspired pumkin. So I decided to try. Try, I said. I know it's bad. I'm more fit to draw manga and anime anyway. *sticks out tongue* But who cares? It's all in a days fun.

So without furthur ado, here's my failed attempt at creating something that looks anything like a pumkin:

Oh, and by the way, the writing in the middle of the pumkin? It says Cinder's Castle. My camera sucked and I used a shiny silver sharpie so it didn't turn out so well. But if you squint really hard at the screen, I'm sure you can tell what it says...sort of. Also, the yellow explosion in the corner? It's meant to be there. Promise. It is not a mess of glitter, 'kay. And then there's the black C shaped thing-y on the outline of the "pumkin". It's suppose to stand for Cinder. Get it? C for Cinder? No? Whatever. Okay, let's see, what else? Oh, there's lots of moons on the picture. I know. That's cause a moon is on the back of the hardback of the book. And I like moons. They're pretty awesome. Don't be jealous.
And that's about it.
Kaede out.
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I also got a book in that I'm STOKED for. Can you guess what it is? *sequels in excitement*
Hint, hint: It was my first WoW pick.
Ah, well, I'll just tell you anyway. I'm so excited I refuse to wait until tomorrow's Stacking the Shelves.


Now there's a sneak peak of what's to come in tomorrow's EPIC edition of Stacking the Shelves. I'll have to contact Isabelle and Sarah to see if they'll respond with what they got. So later.
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  1. It's beautiful. I like it. Let's hope you win!!! I followed u on twitter too;)

  2. Hahahaha I love your pumpkin--it's so awesome!!! i didn't see those details that you explained cause i suck at details and realizing things like that. And i'm glad you got a book you really wanted! Hope it goes out as you think it would--or better! :)

    1. Oh, darling, stop it. You are making me blush. ♥ Details are somethings hard to miss, aren't they? :p

      Thank you! You are such a supportive friend, love.